Ultrasonic Cleaning Services

Beautiful, luxurious gold plated items and Jewellery need to be cleaned regularly to retain the sparkle and exquisite finish. Here at Gold Status we have been working alongside a British Ultrasonic manufacturing company to produce a machine specific to our needs. Cleaning diamonds and putting a shine back on to luxurious metal finishes along with process treatment productivity, is something we needed all in one package. For the last 5 months working alongside the Ultrasonic specialists, they were able to develop such a machine that out performed our expectations.

What is Ultrasonic Cleaning?


Ultrasonic technology uses transducers to produce cavitation bubbles in a water solution. These airless bubbles are developed by very high pressure waves, unnoticeable to the human eye. This reaction ends with the cavitation bubbles collapsing on themselves, which in turn removes surface contaminants and dirt. A cleaning agent is also used within the solution to break down the surface tension in the water. It gets a lot more complicated than that but thats all we are going to tell you. We don’t give trade secrets away that have taken us months of research, trialling and development.

International Jewellery Cleaning

We are pleased to announce an International Jewellery cleaning service. From re-polishing to ultrasonic cleaning, making your item look like the first day you purchased it. Send us your item via courier and we will clean or/and polish your item like new, before sending it back via a fully insured & tracked postal service.

Contact us for your requirements and for a quotation

+44 (0)845 459 4579

Local Ultrasonic cleaning services in Essex

We also provide a Jewellery cleaning service on site while you wait. For those that prefer to post their items, we would recommend a fully insured postal service when sending their product to us. We use a fully insured and trackable postal service, for piece of mind.

Laser Engraving Cognizant Logo onto Microsofts Surface 2 Tablet

Christmas is only around the corner and we have a perfect service that will make that immaculate gift for the holidays. Above is an example of the laser engraving services we can provide. We can engrave almost anything with a range of different engraving machines. We can also provide a fully custom hand engraving service upon request.

Engraving is not just a fashion statement, its something that makes your item completely unique. No other will have a similar product. We can engrave images as well as any text you desire. Provide us with a design of your choice or let us do the hard work for you.

Add a special message or graphic for a loved one for Christmas to make it that extra little bit special. Laser engraving is also a very good branding technique for large and small businesses. It helps get your company brand recognised and can make a perfect gift for a potential client.

More information about our engraving can be found here.

The SeaOrbiter: 2014 Marine Vessel


The Ocean…… It covers two thirds of our planet and contains 80% of all life in earth and has such endless uncovered oceans. The sea is such a huge mystery and still very unknown to humans. For over 12 years, there has been rumours regarding a futuristic marine vessel being built for the sole purpose of exploring our huge seas and oceans. This is nothing but a dream to marine scientists, and the idea has been dismissed on countless occasions…. until now! It has come to light that in spring of 2014, the SeaOrbiter will start construction and finally become a reality.

Jacques Rougerie is the intelligence mind behind this magnificent vessel, with it standing at an impressive 170 feet (51m) tall. This will be the world’s first vertical ship! This isn’t an easy task as the vessel needs to be made stable in rough seas. To accomplish this buoyancy, two thirds (31m) of its structure will remain underwater. This underwater section also acts as a “fish collection system for studies of the pelagic ecosystem, plankton biodiversity and fish stocks”. The station will have laboratories, workshops, living quarters and a pressurised deck to support divers and submarines.


The SeaOrbiter has two small propellers allowing it to modify its trajectory and maneuver in confined waters. The hull is made of an alloy comprising aluminum and magnesium is five times thicker than that of a conventional vessel.

Rougerie has previously stated that the SeaOrbiter will be an essential tool to exploring uncovered oceans and a suitable base to investigate the links between oceans and global warming, which if you don’t know absorb about a quarter of all carbon emissions.


The SeaOrbiter is powered by natural energy including solar, wind and wave power. Although it is designed to drift with ocean currents, the European defense and space systems conglomerate, is said to be working on a biofuel that would serve as an alternative power source.

This huge project expects to received help from other organisations such as NASA, Nation Geographic and the European Space Agency. These organisations have shown high interest in this futuristic vessel and have embraced the development and given full support.

“One of the first users will be the science community,” he says. “It’s designed to explore the ocean in a new way, mainly spending time under the sea, giving people the opportunity to live under the sea for a very long time, to observe, to undertake research missions, like marine biology, oceanography and climate issues.”


As you can see below, a clear inside into the depths of the ocean and how research can be carried out. The vessel can send out underwater robots from the laboratory to explore the deep seabed. A very intelligent concept and going to be phenomenal to sealife research.